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Open Source Projects

The Arusha Project

"The Arusha Project (ARK) provides a framework for collaborative system administration of multi-platform Unix sites with many dozens of machines." (from the project website)

One Good Idea uses the code developed by the Arusha Project, both internally and for customers. We also contribute to the core code base and provide support on the mailing lists. The project homepage can be found through the link below. More information on the project, documentation, downloads, and mailing lists can be obtained there. The source is available under the GPL license.

> The Arusha Project homepage



Usepackage is a tool for managing the Unix environment for a multi-tool, multi-platform site. It is designed to simplify login scripts and allow administrators to control users' environments centrally.

This tool should be considered primarily designed for sites where users have to deal with a number of different tools, or versions of tools, that are installed into different locations and require environment variables to be set. This is particularly a problem for developers or anyone who has to manage a large toolset across multiple platforms - e.g. different versions of the Sun JDK which require various environment variables to be set correctly, like JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, and J2EE_HOME.

One or more central configuration files define a number of different "packages" and their associated environment and dependencies for different platforms (this includes the standard PATH, MANPATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables). A single user command, use, can be invoked to source the appropriate environment information into the users' current shell. The source is available under the GPL license.

> Download the source, version 1.8 (100K gzipped tar archive)


Python/PostgreSQL Interface

This is a module that provides the PostgreSQL programmers' API to Python programmers. It is written in C and compiles down to a shared-object file that can be dynamically loaded into the Python interpreter. It is basically a wrapper around the libpq library that comes with PostgreSQL.

This module is no longer maintained. It has been successfully compiled and tested with Python 1.6 and PostgreSQL 7.0.2 on x86 Linux, but should compile on other platforms or with more recent versions of Python and PostgreSQL. This module was designed to work in a more intuitive, though less complete, manner than the common PyGreSQL module. The source is available under the BSD license.

> Download the source, version 1.1b1 (25K gzipped tar archive)
> The Python homepage
> The PostgreSQL homepage
> The PyGreSQL homepage


Python RTSP Proxy

This is a proxy for the RTSP/RTP streaming media protocols, as used by Apple's QuickTimeTM software. It is designed to operate on a LAN gateway machine enabling clients to receive streaming media from Internet servers.

This program is no longer maintained. It has been successfully used with Python 1.6, but should run with more recent versions. A more complete proxy is available from Apple as part of the Darwin Streaming Server project. The source is available under the BSD license.

> Download the source, version 1.2 (4K gzipped script)
> Apple QuickTimeTM
> The Darwin Streaming Server homepage


Open Source

One Good Idea is a proponent of Open Source programming. We use and work on various projects which are available with full source code for review and modification.


Programmers For Hire

Using an Open Source program that doesn't quite do what you want it to? Not able to do the modifications yourself? We are happy to undertake open source programming projects for customers.

> Programming Services


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